Sharpen your JPEGs

Re­veal del­i­cate de­tails with­out adding arte­facts like haloes and noise

NPhoto - - Nikon Skills -

01 Cre­ate a layer to sharpen

Go to File>Open. Browse to sharp­en­ing.jpg. Grab the Zoom tool, right-click, and pick Ac­tual Pix­els from the menu. Hold the space­bar to get the Hand tool. Drag to view the mouth. Click on the Back­ground layer’s thumb­nail and press Ctrl/ Cmd+J to make a du­pli­cate layer for sharp­en­ing.

02 In­cre­men­tal sharp­en­ing

To sharpen a shot quickly but have some con­trol over the sharp­en­ing amount, click on the Quick edit­ing tab. Click on Ad­just­ments. Click Sharpen. To in­crease the sharp­en­ing amount, ei­ther drag the slider right or click on the pre­view thumb­nail to in­crease it in in­cre­men­tal jumps.

03 Ad­just sharp­ness

This Quick Ad­just­ment op­tion is fine for rough and ready sharp­en­ing, but it can add arte­facts. Click the top-left thumb­nail to re­set the shot (or drag the slider to 0.) A bet­ter op­tion is to click on the Ex­pert edit­ing tab, go to En­hance and choose Ad­just Sharp­ness.

04 Lens blur

Drop the Ra­dius slider to 2.0 pix­els. Click and hold the mouse but­ton over the pre­view win­dow to see the un­sharp­ened ver­sion. For more sub­tle sharp­en­ing, set the Re­move drop­down menu to Lens Blur. This re­duces arte­facts such as haloes.

05 Ex­tra op­tions

If your shot suf­fers from shake-in­duced blur, try set­ting the drop­down to Mo­tion Blur, then drag­ging the An­gle wheel to coun­ter­act the di­rec­tion of the blur. Don’t tick the More Re­fined box; this tends to add ex­tra arte­facts. Click OK.

06 Be­fore and after

Your sharp­ened ver­sion of the shot now has del­i­cate de­tails with­out added arte­facts. Click the top layer’s eye icon to turn it on and off and com­pare it with the orig­i­nal. If it’s too sharp, drop its Opac­ity to re­duce the sharp­en­ing amount.

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