Out, damned spot!

Tackle dust and more stub­born spots with spe­cial­ist equip­ment

NPhoto - - Nikon Skills -

01 Check power lev­els

Be­fore you start to clean the sen­sor, you’ll need to make sure the bat­tery is fully charged, oth­er­wise the menu op­tion listed in the next step may not be avail­able. You’ll also need to be in a lo­ca­tion that’s as free of dust as pos­si­ble. Re­move the lens and switch the cam­era on.

02 Lock up the mir­ror

Usu­ally the mir­ror is in the way of the sen­sor, but there’s an op­tion in the menus that’s de­signed to lock the mir­ror up for clean­ing (not to be con­fused with the Mir­ror Up (MUP) re­lease mode on some Nikons). Press the MENU but­ton, then se­lect ‘Lock mir­ror up for clean­ing’ in the Setup menu.

03 Use a sen­sor loupe

To re­veal the sen­sor, press the shut­ter re­lease to raise the mir­ror and open the shut­ter cur­tains. You can now in­spect the sur­face of the sen­sor for de­bris or dust spots. To make this eas­ier, use the sen­sor loupe – this fits over the lens mount and has a mag­ni­fy­ing eye­piece and built-in lamp.

04 Blow first

If you spot loose dust par­ti­cles, hold the cam­era with the lens mount point­ing down­wards and use a few blasts from a hand blower to re­move them, then check the sen­sor again. If any par­ti­cles still ap­pear to be stuck to the sen­sor, it’s time to un­leash the Sen­sorKlear pen.

05 Touch­ing up

Blow on the Sen­sorKlear pen’s tip be­fore ma­noeu­vring it through an open­ing in the side of the loupe and dab­bing away all the spots of de­bris. You can ro­tate the loupe to give you bet­ter ac­cess to tricky-to-reach ar­eas. It only takes a few mo­ments, and it’s so easy.

06 Dou­ble-check

Switch off the lights on the loupe and re­move it from the lens mount, then hold the cam­era point­ing down­wards and switch it off. Reat­tach the lens, and take a test shot us­ing a fairly small aper­ture, such as f/16, mag­ni­fy­ing the im­age dur­ing playback to check for dust.

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