Get spray­ing!

Start spray­ing and shoot­ing to make the water stand out

NPhoto - - Nikon Skills -

01 Back­ground and flower

Start by putting up a dark back­ground. For our shoot we used the black side of our re­flec­tor. Also place your flower into bot­tle or con­tainer. Some­thing with a small neck is best. Leave a gap be­tween the flower and the back­drop as we’re go­ing to be plac­ing our flash in this space.

02 Tri­pod and shut­ter re­lease

Set your cam­era up onto a tri­pod next to your flower. This makes things much eas­ier as your hands are free to spray and take the im­age. It’s not com­pletely nec­es­sary but a re­mote shut­ter re­lease can also come in handy as it en­ables you to be that bit more flex­i­ble.

03 Cam­era set­tings

Put your cam­era into man­ual (M) mode and set the shut­ter speed to 1/250 sec to sync with the flash light. Set the ISO low (to ISO100) to re­tain max­i­mum im­age qual­ity. Set the aper­ture be­tween f/8 and f/11 to start with. This is so the flower and water drops stay sharp.

04 Pop up flash set­tings

To trig­ger our flash­gun and to il­lu­mi­nate the front of our flower we’re go­ing to use our Nikon’s pop-up flash. If we fire it at full power our sub­ject will be blasted away with too much light. To change the in­ten­sity, go to the flash con­trol menu and turn it down to 1/10.

05 Flash set­tings

To avoid light­ing the back­ground, place your flash­gun be­hind the flower and aim the head up­wards. Make sure the flash’s sen­sor can ‘see’ the cam­era. Set the flash to Wire­less, and to SU-4 mode. Ad­just the in­ten­sity to bal­ance with the cam­era set­tings. Our was set to 1/64 in Man­ual.

05 Get the tim­ing right

Make sure your cam­era’s main AF point is locked onto the cen­tre of the flower, then switch the lens to Man­ual. Now you’re ready to spray and shoot. Have a few goes. No­tice how you can al­ter the re­sult by tweak­ing the po­si­tion of the flash­gun and spray­ing the water in dif­fer­ent di­rec­tions.

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