How can we see the LCD screen on our J2 when the sun is be­hind us, with­out the glare and re­flec­tions?

Roy John­ston, Johannesburg, South Africa

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Chris says… One dis­ad­van­tage of the J2 is that it does not have an op­tional or built-in viewfinder. You need to use the LCD for com­pos­ing your shots, and for all the cam­era set­tings. As you say, that’s not fun when shoot­ing in sun­light.

One so­lu­tion is to buy a pop-up sun­shield. These at­tach to the back of your cam­era us­ing sticky pads, and have three flaps that spring up to cre­ate a view­ing shade around the LCD screen. Several man­u­fac­tur­ers make these. ( En­hance makes a three-inch model that sells on Ama­zon for around £7/$13.) Al­ter­na­tively, try the Vic­to­rian ap­proach, and throw a dark piece of cloth over your head and the back of the cam­era!

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