Did Antony have the right ap­proach?

NPhoto - - The Photo Apprentice -

Steve and Dave ex­plained the key light­ing and ex­po­sure set­tings for shots like this


Dave says… The sub­ject of this shot is Terry, and the vin­tage car and his garage are re­ally just back­ground de­tails that say a lit­tle more about him. Pos­ing Terry by his car was a nat­u­ral enough thing to do, but made the ve­hi­cle too dom­i­nant in the frame. Antony needed to make Terry more prom­i­nent.


Steve says… The bright sun left harsh shad­ows un­der Terry’s hat, and made the car look washed out. The se­cret with harsh sun­light like this is to over­power it with por­ta­ble light­ing. We helped Antony fix up two pow­er­ful Pro­foto lights – one placed on the left for Terry’s face, and one on the right to add some ex­tra il­lu­mi­na­tion for the car.

Man­ual mode

Dave says… It might sound like adding more light should just make the prob­lem worse. In fact, by switch­ing to man­ual mode, Antony can ad­just the ex­po­sure to make the day­light a lit­tle less in­tense, then boost the power of the Pro­foto flash­guns to add strong and con­trol­lable fill-in light­ing.

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