10 things to watch out for

A few things soon come to light when you head out on the road with a photo back­pack

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Dirty busi­ness

Con­ven­tional back­packs need to be laid down so that you can re­move kit, say if you need to change lenses. In wet or dirty en­vi­ron­ments, the side that gets cov­ered in muck is the same one that rests against your back when you put it back on.

Easy ac­cess

Quick-ac­cess side flaps can be con­ve­nient for quickly grab­bing your cam­era and at­tached lens, but in busy, in­se­cure en­vi­ron­ments there can be a slight worry that some­body else might help them­selves to your cam­era.

Full-fat bags

Full photo back­packs are usu­ally the best bet if you only want to carry cam­era kit, but the Lowe­pro Tran­sit split photo/ day­pack does par­tic­u­larly well if you need to carry other things like a coat, food or books too.

What­ever the weather

An all-weather cover is al­ways good to have, re­mov­ing the worry of rain seep­ing in through zip fas­ten­ers and seams. Some back­packs have rain water­proof cov­ers built in.

Tri­pod fas­tener

A tri­pod fas­ten­ing sys­tem on the out­side of the back­pack en­ables you to carry your tri­pod hands-free, along with all your other kit.

Chest ex­er­cise

An ad­di­tional strap that fas­tens the main shoul­der straps across your chest re­duces the risk of ei­ther of the straps slip­ping off your shoul­ders.

Waist line

A waist strap helps to keep a back­pack or sling bag in place when you’re cross­ing tricky ter­rain or climb­ing over ob­sta­cles. It also helps spread the weight to your lower back, mak­ing the bag more com­fort­able to carry.

Weight limit

Even if the size is within lim­its, a fully loaded back­pack can weigh up­wards of 15kg, mak­ing it too heavy for the carry-on re­stric­tions of several air­lines.

Crea­ture com­forts

A lit­tle time and ef­fort spent ad­just­ing the straps so the back­pack best fits your body shape re­sults in much more com­fort­able car­ry­ing.

Get or­gan­ised

Some back­packs in­clude an or­gan­iser sec­tion for mem­ory cards, which can be use­ful to have as you can keep track of which ones are full and which are empty. See our com­par­i­son ta­ble on page 98 for de­tails.

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