D] Depth of field

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Anum­ber of fac­tors af­fect the depth of field, or how sharp an im­age is from front to back. Small aper­tures in­crease the depth of field and large ones de­crease it. Depth of field is also af­fected by the dis­tance at which you fo­cus. The closer you fo­cus, the nar­rower the depth of field be­comes. Longer lenses em­pha­sise this ef­fect, as their nar­rower view­ing an­gle means that any back­ground blur ap­pears larger in the frame. For max­i­mum depth of field, use wider lenses, avoid fo­cus­ing on the near­est ob­ject and choose smaller aper­tures.

Depth of field is shal­lower with larger aper­tures – in this ex­am­ple, only the fore­ground is sharp with the aper­ture set to f/5.6.


f/ 16

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