HOW IT WORKS Noise re­duc­tion tools

You’ve got three main op­tions for re­duc­ing noice, and here’s where you’ll find all the but­tons and slid­ers

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01 Be­fore and af­ter view

Click this but­ton and pick Com­pare Be­fore and Af­ter Images from the drop­down menu to check al­ter­ations against the orig­i­nal im­age. Do this be­fore you start work – the ‘be­fore’ shot re­flects the state of the im­age when you press the but­ton, not the saved ver­sion you first opened.

02 NR but­ton

Click this but­ton to dis­play the Noise Re­duc­tion panel. The panel can be ‘docked’ at the side of the screen or floated over your im­age.

03 Noise Re­duc­tion check­box

This switches the noise re­duc­tion on and off. Use it to see what your im­age will look like with­out any noise re­duc­tion at all. You might switch if off if you’re go­ing to ap­ply noise re­duc­tion in Pho­to­shop in­stead, though.

04 Method menu

This has three op­tions: Faster (the de­fault), Bet­ter Qual­ity and Bet­ter Qual­ity 2013 (more com­plex).

05 Faster

This method has two slid­ers: In­ten­sity and Sharp­ness. In­ten­sity in­creases the noise re­duc­tion ef­fect while Sharp­ness en­hances fine de­tail to coun­ter­act the soft­en­ing ef­fect. They in­ter­act closely, and re­duc­ing the sharp­ness will also re­duce the noise. At the bot­tom are an Edge Noise Re­duc­tion box (which can be effective, though edges may look ar­ti­fi­cial) and an Astro Noise Re­duc­tion box for long ex­po­sures.

06 Bet­ter Qual­ity

The Bet­ter Qual­ity method of­fers the same con­trols as Faster. In fact it’s quite dif­fi­cult to see the dif­fer­ence in re­sults between this and the Faster method, though in some in­stances the ren­di­tion of tex­tures and de­tails in darker ar­eas looks a lit­tle bet­ter.

07 Bet­ter Qual­ity 2013

This is the most com­plex method, and does not nec­es­sar­ily yield the best re­sults. It of­fers both Lu­mi­nance and Color In­ten­sity slid­ers, but as the other two meth­ods re­move colour noise au­to­mat­i­cally, having the Color slid­ers here is not nec­es­sar­ily an ad­van­tage. The Lu­mi­nance and Color In­ten­sity slid­ers have their own Sharp­ness slid­ers un­der­neath, which adds a fur­ther layer of com­plex­ity.

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