Quic k and easy noise re­duc­tion

Noise re­duc­tion is not like wav­ing a magic wand, it’s a care­ful com­pro­mise

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Zoom in

01 You’ll need to zoom right in on the im­age to see the ef­fects of noise re­duc­tion, and you can do this us­ing the Zoom menu. You can use the cmd/ctrl and 1 short­cut to zoom in to 100%, and then the cmd/ctrl and + keys to zoom in fur­ther. We’re us­ing the be­fore and af­ter view here to check our ad­justed im­age against the orig­i­nal.

More noise re­duc­tion

02 Now click the Noise Re­duc­tion but­ton un­der the Edit panel and make sure that the Noise Re­duc­tion box is checked. Di­rectly be­low it, there’s a drop-down Method menu. By de­fault the Faster method is se­lected. Un­der­neath, you’ll see In­ten­sity and Sharp­ness slid­ers. Try in­creas­ing the In­ten­sity value first.

Less sharp­ness

03 What you may find, though, is that this doesn’t help much. Re­mem­ber that noise re­duc­tion is a bal­ance between sharp­ness and smooth­ing, and try re­duc­ing the sharp­ness in­stead. This works much bet­ter on our test im­age – there is a big re­duc­tion the the level of vis­i­ble noise but only a slight loss in def­i­ni­tion.

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