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I wanted to get in touch re­gard­ing a re­cent un­for­tu­nate event re­gard­ing my Nikon D3.

Af­ter read­ing about many cam­eras, I wanted to up­grade to FX from my old DX cam­era. I pur­chased a pre-owned D3 from an on­line com­pany. The cam­era was in great con­di­tion: just the odd scuff and a cou­ple of screws miss­ing, in its orig­i­nal pack­ag­ing. I thought it was great for £1200. The D3 had taken just 70,000 clicks (I checked this my­self), which on a cam­era ca­pa­ble of tak­ing 300,000 seemed fine.

I have owned the cam­era for nine months and taken around 2000 images with it. How­ever dis­as­ter stuck on my re­cent hon­ey­moon when I was faced with the dreaded ERR mes­sage. As you can guess I was pretty con­cerned.

I sent the D3 back to Nikon, who ad­vised me that the cam­era needed £660 worth of parts fit­ting, in­clud­ing a new shut­ter and base plate unit which con­trols the aper­ture etc. As you can imag­ine I am pretty an­noyed with the cam­era and the fact it failed me on my hon­ey­moon!

The com­pany I bought it from of­fered me a six-month war­ranty which had ex­pired. They of­fered me ad­vice from a third-party re­pairer, but I pre­ferred Nikon ex­perts to put the D3 right for me.

I thought it worth email­ing you and warn­ing oth­ers who may be in the mar­ket for pre-owned gear… I will never touch pre-owned cam­era equip­ment again with a barge­pole! Call me un­lucky, but this is a valu­able les­son learned for me!

Nikon are re­pair­ing my D3 at the mo­ment and I have been left con­sid­er­ably worse off. I’ve spent nearly as much cash as I could have on a brand-new D800. Cris­tian Heather Di Lauro, via email It does sound as though you’ve been ter­ri­bly un­lucky, Cris­tian. Usu­ally, buy­ing through a rep­utable re­tailer, and get­ting a guar­an­tee, means sec­ond­hand pur­chases will be safe. We haven’t heard of many cases like yours, and com­pletely un­der­stand why you’re an­noyed!

Buy­ing sec­ond­hand can be one way to get top-end kit for less – but it’s not with­out risk

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