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1 Avoid the Portrait Scene Mode, as the cam­era locks down a num­ber of set­tings that you won’t be able to ad­just. It au­to­mat­i­cally sets the aper­ture (a large one to re­duce the depth of field) and fo­cus area. For bet­ter por­traits, you re­ally want to be in full con­trol of both of th­ese fac­tors. Choose aper­ture-pri­or­ity and man­u­ally choose the AF point that cor­re­sponds with the sub­ject’s eyes.

2 Don’t use the cam­era’s pop-up flash as the main light source – it cre­ates ugly shad­ows and red-eye. Bump up the ISO set­ting in­stead.

3 Man­u­ally se­lect a sin­gle AF point that matches the po­si­tion of a per­son’s eye, and half-press the shut­ter re­lease to lock the fo­cus.



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