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1 Your cam­era may not be able to record de­tail in both a bright sky and a darker land­scape in a sin­gle ex­po­sure, so con­sider us­ing a neu­tral den­sity grad­u­ated fil­ter (ND grad) to bal­ance the two. (See page 42 for more on this)

2 Avoid plac­ing the hori­zon through the mid­dle of the pic­ture, un­less you’re shoot­ing a re­flec­tion. Try fram­ing the scene so that more space is given to the sky or the land, de­pend­ing on which is most im­pres­sive.

3 Wide-an­gle lenses and land­scapes go hand-in-hand, but don’t ig­nore longer lenses. Longer fo­cal lengths are use­ful for iso­lat­ing de­tails and for com­press­ing parts of a scene so that they ap­pear closer to­gether (an effective tech­nique for cre­ative shots of rolling hills).

slow shut­ter

grad­u­ated fil­ter

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