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Rod Law­ton ex­plains NX-D’s se­lec­tion of tools for straight­en­ing and crop­ping

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Al­ter the com­po­si­tion of your images us­ing Nikon Cap­ture NX-D’s se­lec­tion of crop­ping and straight­en­ing tools

Cap­ture NX-D has tools for both, though they don’t nec­es­sar­ily work in quite the same way you may be used to.

The key point to re­mem­ber about Cap­ture NX-D is that all your ad­just­ments are ‘non-de­struc­tive’ and don’t per­ma­nently al­ter your files, so you can go back at any time in the fu­ture and change the way your pic­ture has been cropped if you’re not happy with it. NX-D’s ad­just­ments are not ap­plied di­rectly to the im­age; in­stead, they’re stored as ‘side­car’ files which con­tain your pro­cess­ing in­struc­tions.

The other thing to re­mem­ber is that Cap­ture NX-D’s ad­just­ments are not vis­i­ble out­side the pro­gram it­self. Other RAW con­ver­sion pro­grams like Adobe Cam­era Raw will only be able to see the unedited RAW file, not the ad­just­ments you’ve made in Cap­ture NX-D.

Cre­ative con­trol

In or­der to save a per­ma­nent ver­sion of a file you’ve mod­i­fied, you need to click the Con­vert Files but­ton on the top tool­bar. This en­ables you to save a TIFF or a JPEG ver­sion which other pro­grams can open and work with.

Cap­ture NX-D’s Crop tool can be used in ‘Free Crop’ mode (see op­po­site) or us­ing one of a se­ries of pre­set as­pect ra­tios. The crop mar­quee also dis­plays a grid over­lay which splits the im­age into thirds. You can use this as a com­po­si­tional aid, ap­ply­ing the ‘Rule of Thirds’ so that hori­zon lines or other ob­jects are placed a third of the way in from the edge rather than dead-cen­tre.

The Crop panel in our main an­no­ta­tion, above, is shown float­ing over the im­age. Like other Cap­ture NX-D pan­els, though, it can be ‘docked’ to the side­bar so that the im­age area is kept free. You can choose where to dis­play it us­ing the drop-down but­ton in the top-right cor­ner of the panel.

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