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Make the most of your Nikon’s built-in flash by mas­ter­ing the modes and ex­po­sure con­trols

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Don’t ne­glect your pop-up flash; we’ve got ways to im­prove its per­for­mance

Most Nikon SLRs have a small pop-up flash. It can be ac­ti­vated au­to­mat­i­cally by the cam­era in the fully au­to­matic mode, or by press­ing the small flash but­ton just be­low the flash it­self.

This built-in flash isn’t the best main light source, as the flash is very close to the lens, so the re­sults can look quite flat, with ob­vi­ous shad­ows be­hind the sub­ject. That said, it can some­times be use­ful for shoot­ing at close quarters in low light, or for adding a lit­tle fill-light to por­traits and other sub­jects in bright, sunny con­di­tions.

The range of flash modes avail­able will de­pend on the ex­po­sure mode that you’re us­ing. In the fully au­to­matic ‘green’ mode the flash will nor­mally fire au­to­mat­i­cally, although you can turn it off. In the Scene modes you have very lit­tle con­trol, as the cam­era will de­cide whether or not the flash is used. In the more cre­ative modes such as P,A, S or M you will nor­mally have to ac­ti­vate the flash man­u­ally. Then you have the choice of dif­fer­ent flash modes. See right for the most common ones…

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