Delkin SD 633x UHS-1 Best £53, $60

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Delkin’s 633x UHS-1 mem­ory card boasts a quoted read speed of 95MB per sec­ond and a write speed of 80MB per sec­ond (one of the fastest claimed for any card on test). Our test, how­ever, showed a con­sis­tent 82MB per sec­ond read speed, which was in line with the other cards. Write speeds through Quick­bench came in at 68MB per sec­ond, putting this card just be­hind the Tran­scend.

Tested in the D600, it notched up a 29MB-per-sec­ond write speed, fall­ing just be­hind the Sam­sung. How­ever, Delkin sub­jects its cards to many more tests than other man­u­fac­tur­ers, and in ad­di­tion to the usual batch of shock test­ing, this model is tested against salt spray, ul­tra­vi­o­let light and other harsh en­vi­ron­ments. It also has built-in er­ror cor­rec­tion and wear-lev­el­ling data man­age­ment.

If you want a mem­ory card that can stand up to some rough treat­ment, this one’s been built to last

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