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The kit needed for all five of th­ese projects, both clas­sic and cre­ative, is the same, and es­sen­tially com­prises: a D-SLR with a kit lens or stan­dard zoom; a sturdy tri­pod that won’t wob­ble or vi­brate at the first breath of wind (a cheap, light­weight tri­pod is un­likely to be sta­ble enough); and a re­mote re­lease (as dis­cussed on page 36, you can use your Nikon’s self-timer op­tion to avoid un­wanted cam­era shake, but this usu­ally means a two or 10-sec­ond de­lay be­tween press­ing the shut­ter re­lease and the shot be­ing taken, which isn’t ideal).

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