Add a cre­ative twist

De­fo­cus the scene

NPhoto - - Night Vision -

1 Work the an­gles Set man­ual (M) mode, choose a wide aper­ture (we used f/4 for our London Eye shot here) and to be­gin with use a high ISO such as 6400. Set your lens to man­ual fo­cus and de­fo­cus the scene, then ex­per­i­ment with dif­fer­ent an­gles while ad­just­ing the fo­cus ring.

2 Set up the shot Re­view your images and, once you have a com­po­si­tion you like, set up the shot again, but this time use a tri­pod, set a low ISO like 100, and use a long shut­ter speed so that the qual­ity is bet­ter and the noise lev­els are lower.

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