Flippin’ bril­liant!

Here’s how to turn the world on its head – or at least on its side…

NPhoto - - Nikon Skills -

01 The long drop

With a shot like this, you need a lo­ca­tion that en­ables you to con­vey a sense of height. En­sure there’s noth­ing in the shot, like the scarf in the thumb­nail above, that ap­pears to defy grav­ity. Fi­nally, keep the edges of the frame par­al­lel with the fea­tures in your scene.

02 The big read

When shoot­ing your sub­jects ‘sit­ting down’, ask them to lift their head off the ground, as this will look more nat­u­ral when the im­age is flipped on its side. Props, such as our mag­a­zine, can help to re­in­force the il­lu­sion that the world you’re see­ing is the right way up.

03 Won­der wall

For shots of peo­ple lean­ing against a wall, the key is to get them to po­si­tion their feet as high up as pos­si­ble, and to shoot quickly once they’ve got them there – un­less your sub­ject is a weight-lifter, they’ll only be able to hold their po­si­tion for a few seconds!

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