Step by step Smooth op­er­a­tor

Zap zits and other blem­ishes with our step-by-step guide

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01 Zoom in

Get por­trait.jpg from the disc, or from start-40. In El­e­ments, go to File>Open and find the start file. Click Open. Se­lect the Guided Edit mode’s tab. Grab the Zoom tool from the tool­bar and click on the im­age. You can see the pores in our sub­ject’s skin, and a spot be­low her mouth.

03 Be se­lec­tive

The im­age looks soft, so click the Re­veal Orig­i­nal but­ton to make it sharp again. Click on the Blur Brush but­ton. Tap ] to get a larger brush, or [ to for a smaller one. Click and spray over the skin to se­lec­tively re-in­tro­duce the ef­fect of the Smart Blur fil­ter. Don’t spray over de­tails like the eyes.

05 Ban­ish blem­ishes

Click the In­crease Con­trast but­ton to make fa­cial fea­tures stand out more. Se­lect the Spot Heal­ing tool, then click over un­wanted spots with a suit­ably sized brush, and the Tool will re­place them with smooth skin. Don’t re­move freck­les, as th­ese give the model character.

02 Be smart

Go to the Touchups sec­tion. Se­lect Per­fect Por­trait. To re­touch the skin, click on Ap­ply Smart Blur. The de­fault Ra­dius of 1.5 and the Thresh­old of 32.2 are enough to soften the pores, but the eyes are now slightly soft. Click OK to ap­ply the blur. We’ll fix the eyes in the next step.

04 Soften fa­cial hair

When blur­ring the skin you may find it use­ful to press Cmd/Ctrl and + to zoom in. Hold down the space bar to tem­po­rar­ily ac­ti­vate the Hand tool and drag the im­age to find new ar­eas to smooth. Let go of the space bar to con­tinue blur­ring. Also, blur out fine hairs around the mouth.

06 Brighten the eyes

Click the Brighten Eyes but­ton. Tap the left square bracket to shrink this tool to a suit­able size, then spray over the whites of the eyes to lighten them. Click on Add Glow, then click the Dif­fuse Glow fil­ter’s OK but­ton for a flat­ter­ing pro-mist fil­ter ef­fect. Click Done.

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