How each me­ter­ing sys­tem works

Dis­cover which parts of the im­age each mode takes into ac­count

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3d ma­trix me­ter­ing

This mode mea­sures the light from hun­dreds (or even thou­sands) of points across the en­tire im­age area. It then uses other in­for­ma­tion such as the colour and fo­cus­ing dis­tance to cal­cu­late the ‘best’ ex­po­sure.

cen­tre-weighted me­ter­ing

Here, the cam­era mea­sures the bright­ness of the whole im­age, but takes around 75% of the read­ing from a cir­cle in the mid­dle of the frame. This cir­cle is typ­i­cally around 8mm wide, but on mod­els like the D7000 you can al­ter its size.

spot me­ter­ing

Spot me­ter­ing mea­sures from a small area in­stead of across a large area of the frame. The size is roughly equiv­a­lent to the size of the fo­cus point bracket, and cor­re­sponds to the ac­tive fo­cus point when us­ing sin­gle-point AF.

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