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Rod Law­ton ex­plains Cap­ture NX-D’s con­ver­sion and batch pro­cess­ing tools

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Ex­plore Cap­ture NX-D’s tools for con­vert­ing RAW files singly and in batches

Cap­ture NX-D’s file con­ver­sion and batch con­ver­sion op­tions are cen­tral to the way it works.

Cap­ture NX-D does not save pho­tos di­rectly in the way that other im­age ed­i­tors do. All your images stay as RAW files, even after you’ve ap­plied ad­just­ments. Cap­ture NX-D’s ad­just­ments are all ‘vir­tual’. They are saved as pro­cess­ing in­struc­tions along­side your RAW files, and while NX-D will show you what the pho­tos will look like with those ad­just­ments, the files them­selves aren’t al­tered. The only way to cre­ate a per­ma­nent ver­sion is to con­vert the RAW file into a new JPEG or TIFF im­age with those ad­just­ments ap­plied. You need to do this to cre­ate images that other pro­grams can open too.

You can use the Con­vert Files but­ton on the top tool­bar to process images one at a time (see our walk­through op­po­site). All you need to do is choose where to save your im­age, what file for­mat to use and whether or not you want to re­size it.

The Con­vert Files but­ton also works if you se­lect sev­eral images at once. This is where it switches over to Batch Process mode, con­vert­ing each file with the ad­just­ments you’ve ap­plied. But there is another way to process shots en­masse. The File menu has a Batch Process com­mand which pro­cesses fold­ers full of images at a time. This is use­ful if you’ve just come back from a big shoot and want to pro­duce JPEG ver­sions of ev­ery RAW file.

With the Batch Process com­mand you’re not re­stricted to the ad­just­ments cur­rently ap­plied to each NEF file – you can choose one set of ad­just­ments and ap­ply it to all the images in the folder.

The key points are that you can use Cap­ture NX-D’s whole gamut of edit­ing tools for your con­ver­sions, and you can con­vert the same folder full of RAW files as many times as you like, with dif­fer­ent ad­just­ments, to dif­fer­ent des­ti­na­tion fold­ers.

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