Feel fes­tive with fizz

Flip party scenes up­side-down us­ing James Pater­son’s trick of shoot­ing through a glass of fizz

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Take a sea­sonal pic­ture with a dif­fer­ence: through a glass of bub­bly!

It’s not just the al­co­hol in a glass of bub­bly that can make the world seem topsy-turvy. When light passes through the wine, re­frac­tion causes it to bend, while the glass makes it ap­pear up­side-down. We can use this to shoot a fun photo. You could just as eas­ily use sparkling wa­ter for the ef­fect, but as there’s plenty of cham­pagne flow­ing at this time of year, a glass of fizz seems ap­pro­pri­ate. The bub­bles add a nice touch, and cham­pagne flutes have an at­trac­tive cur­va­ture that can be ac­cen­tu­ated by plac­ing them in a stag­gered line.

Be­fore you start, think about the scene you want to cap­ture in your glasses – you don’t want it to be too clut­tered. We shot some­one sil­hou­et­ted against a bright win­dow so that she stands out clearly. We also placed the green wine bot­tle be­hind one of the glasses to add a splash of colour. It’s worth ex­per­i­ment­ing with other ob­jects, poses and pat­terns for your own take on the re­fracted and in­verted scene.

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