Off with ’er ’ead!

In Pho­to­shop or El­e­ments, use layer masks to change over peo­ple’s faces

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There’s almost bound to be one per­son pulling a funny face, whether ac­ci­den­tally or on pur­pose, so it helps to shoot a few frames, and com­bine the images in Pho­to­shop. This works much bet­ter if you set your cam­era up on a tri­pod as the back­ground will line up when you blend images to­gether. The eas­i­est way to swap heads is to use layer masks and the brush tool to add/re­move parts of the layer you want to keep. Here’s what you need to do…


Drag and drop

Us­ing the hand tool, click and drag the im­age with the ‘new head’ onto the main im­age. Press shift as you let go so they line up. Add a layer mask and press Ctrl + I. Use a white brush to paint over ar­eas you want to swap.


Tidy up

Once you’re happy with your se­lec­tion, zoom in and use a smaller white brush to tidy up the edges. Layer masks are non-de­struc­tive, so if you go wrong, switch the brush to black and paint the pix­els back on.

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