Depth of field and fo­cal length

Depth of field doesn’t change with fo­cal length – though it looks like it

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■ It seems counter-in­tu­itive, but depth of field doesn’t change with fo­cal length. And yet we all ex­pe­ri­ence what seems to be shal­lower depth of field when we’re us­ing a tele­photo lens, so what’s go­ing on? It’s be­cause tele­pho­tos are nor­mally used to mag­nify a dis­tant part of a scene, and wide-an­gle lenses to take in more of it.

If you were to shoot the same part of the scene by mov­ing for­ward with the wide-an­gle or step­ping back with the tele­photo, the depth of field would be iden­ti­cal. So, while strictly speak­ing fo­cal length isn’t in­volved, in prac­tice, be­cause of the way most of us use wide-an­gles and tele­pho­tos, it does mat­ter.



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