Wa­ter it down – us­ing colour wa sh for an im­pres­sion­is­tic feel

Blur min­gles colours as well as soft­en­ing de­tail

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With shal­low depth of field, the blurred ar­eas are al­ways im­por­tant, but some­times they can take over the mean­ing and pur­pose of the im­age. This can be es­pe­cially pow­er­ful in colour photographs, where in­tense blur­ring not only smooths the tones in a back­ground or fore­ground, but can also ‘mix’ colours, to give an ap­pear­ance sim­i­lar to a wa­ter­colour’s graded wash. Com­pli­men­tary colours lend them­selves to vi­brant mixes, while sim­i­lar hues and pas­tel colours, as here, pro­duce a gen­tler, more sub­tle ef­fect.

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