Re­view­ing your images

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Turn off auto-ro­tate

By de­fault, your Nikon will au­to­mat­i­cally ro­tate images shot with the cam­era held ver­ti­cally so that you don’t have to turn the cam­era to view them. You can turn this off, though – some­times, you sim­ply want to be able to see a big­ger ver­sion of a shot in Play­back mode.


Wal­low in your work

Like to take a long look at your pho­tos after you’ve taken them? Switch on the In­stant Re­view fea­ture (Play­back menu) and choose a dis­play time to suit. You don’t have to worry about it be­ing too long, as half-press­ing your shut­ter re­lease will ready your cam­era for the next shot in an in­stant.


Ass ess the ex­po­sure

You can learn a lot from look­ing at your pic­tures in Play­back mode, in­clud­ing the dis­tri­bu­tion of tones in your im­age via the His­togram view. To ac­cess it, open the Play­back menu, then choose Play­back Dis­play Mode/Op­tions. Press up/down on the navipad to change the dis­play in Play­back mode.


Lock your best shots

You can do this on the cam­era so that you don’t ac­ci­den­tally delete them – it’s what the ‘key’ but­ton is for. This is use­ful if you’re in the habit of eras­ing un­wanted pic­tures as you go. If you trans­fer them all to the com­puter, you’ll be able to see the ‘locked’ ones and know that they’re your favourites.

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