ISO set­tings

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Us e Auto ISO

The Auto ISO set­ting is very smart: it lets you set the max­i­mum ISO and min­i­mum shut­ter speed; the cam­era will in­crease the ISO only by as much as it has to in or­der to get the shut­ter speed you’ve asked for, and won’t let you go higher than your set max­i­mum ISO.


Embrace the dark side

Long ex­po­sure noise re­duc­tion can re­duce dig­i­tal noise in long-ex­po­sure night shots, but it will dou­ble the ex­po­sure time, as it shoots a sec­ond ‘dark frame’ after the ac­tual ex­po­sure is taken, to mea­sure noise and then sub­tract it from the pic­ture.


Keep the noise down

High-ISO noise re­duc­tion can make your high-ISO images look less noisy, but it can also smooth out de­tails and tex­tures. On more ba­sic Nikons, it is lumped in with the long-ex­po­sure noise re­duc­tion fea­ture; more ad­vanced mod­els let you set it sep­a­rately.

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