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My lens won’t fo­cus!

Older Nikon lenses may support aut­o­fo­cus, but not have AF mo­tors built in; the fo­cus is driven by a mo­tor in the body. But Nikon D3000-se­ries and D5000-se­ries bod­ies don’t have AF mo­tors, so they can’t drive th­ese lenses. Newer AF-S lenses have AF mo­tors built in so work fine.


I’m sure my fo­cus is out

If the lens or AF sen­sor is mis­aligned, so that even though the AF point lights up in the viewfinder, the ob­ject you fo­cused on isn’t quite sharp, the AF Fine-Tune func­tion on Nikon’s enthusiast and pro bod­ies can cor­rect this. You can also set up a sim­ple test rig with a steel rule (see is­sue 13).

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