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Com­press RA W files

Nikon RAW files (NEFs) come in two types (12-bit and 14-bit) and with three lev­els of com­pres­sion (un­com­pressed, loss­less com­pressed and com­pressed). On more ba­sic Nikons you don’t get to choose, but on ad­vanced mod­els you can de­cide be­tween smaller file sizes (12-bit com­pressed) and bet­ter qual­ity larger ones (14-bit un­com­pressed).


Try RA W re­touch

If you shoot RAW files it doesn’t mat­ter what Pic­ture Con­trol you use, be­cause you can use the Re­touch menu to open the im­age up and choose a dif­fer­ent one at any time. While you’re at it, you can change the pho­to­graph’s white bal­ance set­ting too. The cam­era will then save a new, JPEG copy with those new ad­just­ments ap­plied.

70 Cre­ate your own Pic­ture Con­trols

Pic­ture Con­trols ap­ply par­tic­u­lar ‘looks’ to JPEG images pro­cessed in the cam­era (Nikon’s own soft­ware can repli­cate th­ese looks from RAW files). You can cre­ate and cus­tomise your own Pic­ture Con­trols in-cam­era, and there is also a desk­top util­ity (Pic­ture Con­trol Util­ity) for cre­at­ing new ones.


Bust that dust

All cur­rent Nikon D-SLRs have built-in dust re­moval sys­tems, and if those don’t work you can al­ways try man­ual clean­ing… or you can try Nikon’s Dust-Off sys­tem and fix the prob­lem with soft­ware. You take a ref­er­ence photo (Setup menu) which can be used by Nikon soft­ware, in­clud­ing Cap­ture NX-D, to blot out spots dig­i­tally.

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