Think you’re do­ing ev­ery­thing right but some­thing’s still not work­ing? There’s usu­ally a good ex­pla­na­tion, so let’s find it…

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82 I se­lect a menu op­tion, but the cam­era ig­nores it

When you’re in a hurry it’s easy to for­get to ‘OK’ a menu set­ting you’ve just se­lected. With Nikons, sim­ply high­light­ing a menu op­tion and then re­turn­ing to the pre­vi­ous menu isn’t enough – you have to con­firm your choice.


My cam­era ig­norES my ISO set­ting

That’s be­cause you’ve got the cam­era set to Auto ISO. It may look as if you can still dial in a set­ting man­u­ally, but the cam­era will treat this as your pre­ferred min­i­mum ISO and change it when it wants to. To re­gain con­trol, you need to dis­able Auto ISO in ISO sen­si­tiv­ity set­tings (Shoot­ing menu).


My cam­era resp onds slowly

Some Nikon D-SLRs have an Ex­po­sure De­lay Mode de­signed to min­imise vi­bra­tion in tri­pod shots – the shut­ter doesn’t fire un­til about a sec­ond after the but­ton has been pressed and the mir­ror flips up. It’s easy to for­get that it’s switched on, and you won­der why the cam­era is slow to fire the shut­ter.

85 I never get the same ex­po­sure twice, even with the same sub­ject!

The chances are you’ve left your Nikon set to auto ex­po­sure brack­et­ing and for­got­ten to change it. Nikon D-SLRs re­mem­ber the brack­et­ing set­ting even days after you power off (by which time you’ve for­got­ten what you did). We’ve all done it!

86 The flash still fires in Com­man­der mode

Nikon’s Com­man­der mode (on ad­vanced mod­els) can fire Speed­lights re­motely via the built-in flash, but you have to dis­able the flash in the menus too. Even then it fires at re­duced strength – you can get red gel flash cov­ers to stop it af­fect­ing your light­ing.


HDR mode is greyed out

Newer Nikons have an built-in HDR mode that au­to­mat­i­cally com­bines ex­po­sures in-cam­era to cre­ate a high dy­namic range im­age. But some­times you go to use it and it’s greyed out. Why? It’s be­cause you’ve got the file for­mat set to RAW and this mode only works with JPEGs.

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