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96 My com­puter can’t read my NE F files

Did you use an early ver­sion of Nikon Trans­fer (v 1.x) to copy them across? It’s in­fa­mous for cor­rupt­ing the meta­data in pho­tos taken with later cam­eras and ren­der­ing them uned­itable. Don’t use it! We al­ways rec­om­mend a card reader fol­lowed by drag-and-drop.

97 Pho­to­shop won’t open my RA W files

This hap­pens when you’re us­ing an older ver­sion of Pho­to­shop and you buy a new cam­era. When Adobe re­leases a new ver­sion of Pho­to­shop it stops up­dat­ing the old one. Up­grade, or use Nikon ViewNX 2 or Cap­ture NX-D to con­vert your RAW files (see page 76).

98 My RA W files have more dis­tor­tion than MY JPEGS

Nearly all lenses pro­duce some dis­tor­tion and fring­ing, but newer Nikon bod­ies can fix both au­to­mat­i­cally as they process the im­age. This only ap­plies to JPEG images, though – RAW files, of course, re­main un­pro­cessed.

99 I shot in Mono but images are in colour on my PC

That’s be­cause you shot in RAW, and a RAW file con­tains all the orig­i­nal colour data. Your Nikon (and Nikon soft­ware) un­der­stands your Mono Pic­ture Con­trol, but Pho­to­shop ig­nores it and pro­duces a generic colour ren­di­tion in­stead.


I’m see­ing spots!

If they’re small, dif­fuse and al­ways in the same place in the frame, they’re spots of dust on the sen­sor. Since to­day’s Nikon D-SLRs have au­to­matic dust re­moval fea­tures, the fact they’re still there means you may have to re­sort to man­ual sen­sor clean­ing or re­mov­ing them in soft­ware (see tip 71).

101 My video jumps and stut­ters

It’s be­cause your mem­ory card isn’t fast enough, and this is where you need to pay spe­cial at­ten­tion to speed rat­ings. It’s not about the card’s max­i­mum speed, but its min­i­mum ‘sus­tained’ speed. If you want to shoot full HD video, look for ‘Class 10’ SD cards.

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