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91 My sp are bat­tery doesn’t last as long

Recharge­able lithium-ion bat­ter­ies are ex­pen­sive, so it’s tempt­ing to buy a third-party copy to save cash. Some are per­fectly good, but cost almost as much as the real Nikon item. Oth­ers are cheaper, but the mak­ers have cut cor­ners with the com­po­nents so they just don’t have the same ca­pac­ity.

92 My SD card won’t click in any more

Check for dam­age to the fine plas­tic mould­ings around the con­tact strips at the end. Some of th­ese can snap off, and this can stop the card click­ing into place – you can in­sert it fully but it springs out again. There’s noth­ing you can do to fix it. It may still work in another cam­era as some are more sen­si­tive to this than oth­ers.

93 Mymem­ory card has ex­tra fold­ers

This hap­pens when you use the same card in dif­fer­ent cam­eras. Each cam­era cre­ates its own folder and can’t see the other ones. Then you view the card on your PC, see all the fold­ers and re­alise that’s where all the space went! Don’t just delete all the pho­tos on the cam­era, for­mat the card be­tween uses.

94 The aper­ture changes when I zoom

That’s be­cause most zooms have max­i­mum aper­tures that vary through­out the zoom range. Let’s say you set an aper­ture of f/3.5 on your kit lens at its widest zoom set­ting. When you zoom in this will change to f/5.6 be­cause that’s the max­i­mum aper­ture at full zoom. When you zoom out it will re­vert to f/3.5.

95 My fil­ters ro­tate when I fo­cus

This is an­noy­ing when you’re us­ing grad­u­ated or po­lar­is­ing fil­ters, which need to be ro­tated to a pre­cise po­si­tion. It hap­pens be­cause cheaper lenses (in­clud­ing the Nikon 18-55mm kit lens) use a fo­cus mech­a­nism which ro­tates the front lens el­e­ment, which is what the fil­ter mount screws into. You need a dif­fer­ent lens!

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