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My shots are skewed

Many Nikon D-SLRs now have a dig­i­tal level –this dis­plays a ‘hori­zon’ line on the screen, which is red when the cam­era isn’t level and turns green when it is. Newer and more ad­vanced mod­els can check fore-and-aft lev­el­ling too, and this will help you get tall build­ings straight.


My high­lights are blown

It’s a weak­ness of dig­i­tal cam­era sen­sors – over­ex­po­sure leads to per­ma­nently blown high­light ar­eas. So switch on High­lights via the Dis­play Mode op­tion in the Play­back menu. You can press up/down on the navipad to show the High­lights mode, and if ar­eas in the im­age are over-ex­posed they will flash on and off.


How can I fix lens flare?

If the sun is in the frame and cre­at­ing blobs of light in the pic­ture, there’s noth­ing you can do about it. But if the sun is out­side the frame and cre­at­ing a hazy washed-out ef­fect, use the lens hood that came with the lens to shade the front el­e­ment, or shade it your­self with your hand, dark card or any­thing else you have to hand.

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