Make a st itch in Photosh op CC or El­e­ments

NPhoto - - Nikon Skills -

Open the images. Grab the Lasso tool, set Feather to 10px, then drag a rough se­lec­tion around a fig­ure. Hit Cmd/Ctrl+C to copy, then go to File>New. Make a new white doc­u­ment and hit Cmd/ Ctrl+V to paste.

Grab the Move Tool, set Auto-Se­lect Layer and Show Bound­ing Box in the op­tions, then use the tool to po­si­tion the first fig­ure and re­size it if nec­es­sary. Then sim­ply se­lect, copy, paste and po­si­tion the other fig­ures in the same way.

To fin­ish off, go to Layer>Flat­ten then grab the Dodge Tool, set Range to High­lights and Ex­po­sure to 20%, and paint to dodge any ar­eas where parts of the cut-out wall look grey, un­til they’re per­fectly white.

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