Pour a shot

This tech­nique is bril­liant for cre­ative wed­ding shots too

NPhoto - - Nikon Skills -

01 Raise a glass – or sev­eral!

Set your cam­era up on a tri­pod and po­si­tion the glasses in front of it. Think about how you want the back­ground to look when it’s flipped up­side down. We wanted to make our sub­ject stand out re­ally clearly, so po­si­tion­ing them in front of a bright area such as a win­dow was ideal.

02 Line ’em up

You need a lens that will al­low you to get close to the glasses. A macro lens is ideal, but a long zoom with close fo­cus­ing will work as well. Ex­per­i­ment with the po­si­tion of the glasses and any other items, such as the green bot­tle here. Even minute ad­just­ments can have a big ef­fect on the scene.

03 Set a nar­row aper­ture

With ob­jects close to the cam­era, depth of field can be very shal­low, so if you want de­tail in the fore­ground and back­ground a nar­row aper­ture is es­sen­tial. This will prob­a­bly mean com­pen­sat­ing with longer shut­ter speeds and/or higher ISOs. We set ⅓ sec at f/18 and ISO800 here.

04 Check what you’re get­ting

Live View fo­cus­ing is ideal for sit­u­a­tions like this where, due to the lay­ers of trans­parency in the im­age, the AF may snap on to the wrong thing. Switch Live View on, press the zoom but­ton once or twice and use the joy­stick to move to the area you want sharp. Fine-tune the fo­cus man­u­ally.

05 Pose and shoot

What­ever is be­hind the liq­uid will ap­pear flipped up­side-down. If you have a per­son to help you out, ask them to pose so that their body shape is eas­ily de­fined against the back­ground. Move them closer or fur­ther from the glasses to see the ef­fect the dis­tor­tion has on the body shape.

06 Spot check

No mat­ter how much you scrub the glasses, it’s dif­fi­cult to get them per­fectly clean, so you might need to tidy up smears with Pho­to­shop’s Clone and Spot Heal­ing tools. Go to Layer>New, then set the tools to ‘Sam­ple: All Lay­ers’ in the op­tions to keep the changes non-de­struc­tive.

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