Cre­ate a JPEG

You can con­vert your edited NEF files into JPEGs in mo­ments

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Edit your im­age

Let’s say we want to crop this im­age into a square shape. We can use Cap­ture NX-D’s Crop tool for this, se­lect­ing the 6:6 As­pect Ra­tio from the Crop panel’s drop-down menu. (This cor­re­sponds to the old 6x6cm square shape of medium-for­mat film.)

Con­vert to JPEG

Now we click the Con­vert Files but­ton. There are four set­tings to note: Save As (the new file name and lo­ca­tion), the File type and qual­ity (we’ll go for JPEG, Good Qual­ity), the Out­put Set­tings (if you want to change the res­o­lu­tion) and the Im­age Size (we’re re­duc­ing it to 1920 pix­els across).

Con­tinue edit­ing

The con­verted im­age might be fine as it is once you’ve con­verted it, or you may want to do fur­ther post-pro­duc­tion work in a pro­gram like Pho­to­shop us­ing tools that Cap­ture NX-D doesn’t have. Here, we’ve used Pho­to­shop to ad­just the shad­ows and high­lights and darken the sky.

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