I can’t get a ‘milky’ wa­ter ef­fect even with a fiveminute ex­po­sure Joaquín de Itur­bide, Cozumel, Mex­ico

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Rod says… In or­der to get this ‘milky’ ef­fect, con­di­tions have to be just right. If the wa­ter is rel­a­tively still it’s not go­ing to work, be­cause it’s the move­ment of the wa­ter that cre­ates the blur. Choppy waves give a bet­ter ef­fect than gen­tle rip­ples. Ex­per­i­ment with the time, as well – longer ex­po­sures won’t nec­es­sar­ily give the best ef­fect. We did our own ex­per­i­ments back in is­sue 9 with a light­house (left). We got a nice ef­fect where the wa­ter be­came smooth, but the sea wasn’t rough enough to give the ‘smoky’ ef­fect you see in many seascapes.

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