The D5200 at a glance

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Pop-up flash

As usual, the pop-up flash isn’t par­tic­u­larly pow­er­ful, but is use­ful for fill-in il­lu­mi­na­tion.

On/off lever

The main on/off lever that sur­rounds the shut­ter but­ton is common to all the SLRs in this group.

Flash but­ton

As with other cam­eras in the group, the flash but­ton is used not only to raise the pop-up flash, but also to ap­ply dif­fer­ent flash modes and flash ex­po­sure com­pen­sa­tion.

Stereo mi­cro­phones

As on the D5300 and D7100, stereo mi­cro­phones are po­si­tioned in the top of the viewfinder hous­ing. All cam­eras on test also fea­ture a socket for at­tach­ing an ex­ter­nal mi­cro­phone.

Drive mode but­ton

The drive mode but­ton is po­si­tioned on the top of the cam­era – it’s com­pletely ab­sent from the sub­se­quent D5300.

Live View lever

The D5200 and D5300 are the only cam­eras in the group to fea­ture a lever next to the shoot­ing mode dial for switch­ing Live View on and off.

LCD screen

The fully ar­tic­u­lated LCD is def­i­nitely the star of the show. It fea­tures a high-res dis­play of 921,000 pix­els.

i but­ton

The i but­ton for ac­cess­ing the shoot­ing menu is all-im­por­tant, given the rel­a­tive lack of di­rect-ac­cess con­trol but­tons.

Zoom but­tons

The zoom but­tons nor­mally fit­ted on the rear-left of the cam­era find a new home at the bot­tom-right.

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