The D7100 at a glance

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IR and Bkt but­tons

The front in­frared re­ceiver moves to the other side, just next to the Bracket and Flash but­tons.

Pv & Fn but­tons

Cus­tomis­able ‘Pre­view’ and Func­tion but­tons are avail­able within easy reach of the fin­ger grip.

AF but­ton

Now common on up­mar­ket Nikon SLRs, the ex­cel­lent AF but­ton gives di­rect ac­cess to aut­o­fo­cus modes and AF point-se­lec­tion.

Stereo mi­cro­phones

Like on the D5200 and D5300, stereo mi­cro­phones are built into the viewfinder hous­ing, and the cam­era also has an ex­ter­nal mi­cro­phone socket.

Shoot­ing mode and drive wheels

Con­cen­tric and in­de­pen­dently lock­ing wheels are on hand for shoot­ing and drive modes.

Info LCD

Unique in this group, the D7100 matches Nikon’s top-spec and spe­cial­ist SLRs with an ad­di­tional info LCD on the top panel.

Left-hand but­tons

With­out the ar­tic­u­lated screen of the D5200 and D5300, there’s a more con­ven­tional ar­ray of left-hand con­trol but­tons.


The D7100 is the only cam­era in the group to fea­ture an up­mar­ket pen­taprism viewfinder, rather than a penta-mir­ror unit, de­liv­er­ing full 100 per cent frame cov­er­age.

Live View

A sim­ple lever en­ables switch­ing be­tween Live View and video shoot­ing modes, and it en­com­passes the Live View op­er­at­ing but­ton.

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