Nikon Df

the Df’s retro style means it looks like no other Nikon D-SLR

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FX -for­mat SLR > £2300, $2750 > If you want a Nikon that stands out from the crowd (pro­vid­ing it isn’t a crowd of 1980’s film cam­eras, that is), then the retro Df is just the ticket. Inside it’s very much 21st-cen­tury tech­nol­ogy, though, with a 16.2-megapixel FX sen­sor and EXPEED 3 im­age pro­ces­sor straight from the D4. That combo en­ables a max­i­mum ex­tended sen­si­tiv­ity of ISO204800, mak­ing the Df rather handy for low-light shoot­ing.

For com­bin­ing nos­tal­gic style with cut­tingedge per­for­mance, the Nikon Df is our clear win­ner here.

Up­grade if you own... a con­ven­tional Nikon D-SLR and fancy more style, but give it a miss if you want the most for your money.

run­ner up... F&V HDR-300

This com­pact LED ring-light shines with both stills and video thanks to 300 LEDs emit­ting a 65-de­gree beam of 5600K day­light-bal­anced light. It’ll all but elim­i­nate un­sightly shad­ows.

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