Canon Pixma Pro-1

This no-com­pro­mise beast sets a new bench­mark for print­ing per­fec­tion

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A3+ printer > £645, $1000 > Some­times an A4 print just doesn’t do a shot jus­tice, but an A3 im­age from the Pro-1 is sure to im­press: 12 ink tanks en­sure vi­brant yet ac­cu­rate colour re­pro­duc­tion, as well as rich, tint-free mono­chrome out­put. Tonal sep­a­ra­tion and de­tail re­pro­duc­tion are also ex­cep­tional.

At 27.7kg, you’d bet­ter have arms like Popeye’s to lift this lump by your­self, but the up side is rugged build and space for high-ca­pac­ity 36ml car­tridges. (Th­ese don’t come cheap, with a full set cost­ing up­wards of £200/$300.)

Up­grade if you own... An A4 printer and want to dis­play your pho­tos in all their glory, but not if you al­ready own a de­cent A3 printer, as the dif­fer­ences are un­likely to be dra­matic enough.

run­ner up... Canon Pix ma Pro-100

De­spite hav­ing four fewer ink tanks and half the print head noz­zles of the Pro-1, the Pro-100 still pro­duces stun­ning A3 prints. It’s also much less painful to carry and re­fill.

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