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Get bluer skies and add warmth with the ul­ti­mate land­scape po­lariser from Lee

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All the lat­est kit, from spe­cial­ist fil­ters for land­scapes to travel tripods that’ll ap­peal to pho­tog­ra­phers on the go

Aimed at land­scape pho­tog­ra­phers, this fil­ter dif­fers from other po­laris­ers by adding a touch of warmth.

Po­laris­ers help to draw out cloud de­tail, en­rich skies and cut re­flec­tions, pro­duc­ing far more dra­matic images. Lee Fil­ters al­ready makes two po­laris­ers – a stan­dard ro­tat­ing ver­sion and a 100mm square – both of which come in cir­cu­lar or lin­ear mod­els. This new ad­di­tion uses the ro­tat­ing po­lariser de­sign, but a redesigned frame and glass mean that it is half the depth of the ex­ist­ing model, which helps to re­duce vignetting when used with wide-an­gled lenses; Lee claims that this fil­ter is de­signed to be used with lenses down to 16-17mm.

As it’s a 105mm fil­ter, you need to at­tach a Lee Foun­da­tion Kit Holder (£55, $90) to the lens, then bolt a 105mm adapter ring (£35, $60) onto the front of the holder. The holder de­sign en­ables you to stack fil­ters, so it’s pos­si­ble to use a grad­u­ated ND or Lee Lit­tle Stop­per in com­bi­na­tion with the po­lariser, giv­ing you plenty of op­tions when shoot­ing.

The qual­ity and size of the fil­ter make it easy to han­dle, and the knurled tex­ture ring makes it easy to ad­just when in place in the holder.

The po­lar­is­ing ef­fect works well with­out giv­ing the im­age a metal­lic ef­fect (a look that can arise with some po­laris­ers). The added warmth is sub­tle, and only when com­pared along­side re­sults from the other Lee po­laris­ers can the ef­fect re­ally be no­ticed. The shift in de­sign to make the fil­ter thin­ner def­i­nitely works, and while we didn’t test it on a 16 or 17mm lens, on Nikon’s 20mm f/2.8 images def­i­nitely showed less vignetting with the new fil­ter.

It’s easy to see why the Lee Fil­ter sys­tem is so popular with pros: the abil­ity to stack fil­ters from the 100mm sys­tem when needed en­ables you to cap­ture the im­age you want di­rectly in-cam­era, mak­ing the most of what the scene be­fore you has to of­fer.

Lee’s Land­scape Po­lariser gen­tly boosts warmth and con­trast

The su­per-slim frame of Lee’s new po­lariser re­duces the risk vignetting

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