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The seven mod­ules can be sum­moned with sen­si­bly-num­bered key­board short­cuts that re­late to the or­der in which they ap­pear at the top of the workspace. It’s worth mem­o­ris­ing th­ese key com­bi­na­tions, as be­ing able to bring up the mod­ule you need with just a few taps will speed up your work­flow dra­mat­i­cally.

Use Cmd/Ctrl+Alt+1 to ac­cess the Li­brary mod­ule, Cmd/Ctrl+Alt+2 for the De­velop mod­ule, Cmd/Ctrl+Alt+3 for Map, Cmd/ Ctrl+Alt+4 for Book, Cmd/Ctrl+Alt+5 for Slideshow, Cmd/Ctrl+Alt+6 for Print, and Cmd/Ctrl+Alt+7 for Web.

When you’re us­ing Light­room, you’ll spend most of your time in the De­velop mod­ule, so you can also jump straight there with a snap­pier tap of the D key.

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