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01 Shoot pro­fes­sion­al­look­ing pho­tos of stylish in­te­ri­ors 02 Turn a spi­ral stair­case into an ab­stract with im­pact 03 Take your first steps in Light­room with our be­gin­ners’ guide 04 Dis­cover how to re­ally get the best out of your tri­pod 05 Use the moon as a light source for gor­geous land­scapes 06 Cor­rect un­wanted lens dis­tor­tion in seconds us­ing Pho­to­shop 07 Master your Nikon’s white bal­ance set­tings and get true colours 08 Open files ad­justed in Cap­ture NX-D di­rectly into other pro­grams

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