The In­verse Square la w

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This law states that if the dis­tance be­tween the light and sub­ject is dou­bled, they'll re­ceive a quar­ter of the light. You might think mov­ing a light back from one me­tre to two me­tres would halve the strength, but it ac­tu­ally quar­ters it. To com­pen­sate, you’d ei­ther need to in­crease the power out­put by four times (as in the di­a­gram) or al­low for two ex­tra stops of aper­ture or ISO. You can see the In­verse Square law in ac­tion in step 2 where, be­cause of the change in dis­tance ra­tios be­tween light, sub­ject and back­ground, the back­ground is made much darker when the flash is close to the face.

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