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In our tests, the In­ter­fit man­aged to match the max­i­mum light out­put of the Elinchrom 400Ws head and even the Bowens 500Ws head, while also edg­ing ahead of the Las­to­lite 400Ws one. How­ever, re­cy­cling time af­ter a full-power flash is the slow­est, at two sec­onds. For wider-aper­ture or shorter-dis­tance shoot­ing, the In­ter­fit also matches the Bowens in giv­ing the joint least il­lu­mi­na­tion of the flash heads at its min­i­mum power set­ting. Like most flash heads at this price point, the Lu­men8 is avail­able on its own or as part of a twin-head kit. There are also sin­gle-head kits, which fea­ture a good-qual­ity air-damped stand and an um­brella or a soft­box. Light mod­i­fiers and other ac­ces­sories are of good qual­ity, but this is the only flash head in the group for which a wire­less re­ceiver isn’t ei­ther built-in or avail­able as an ex­tra. In­stead, Las­to­lite mar­kets a ba­sic ra­dio trig­ger, the re­ceiver of which plugs into the head’s sync socket.

Since its orig­i­nal re­lease, the head has been up­dated. It now fea­tures an auto-dump­ing fa­cil­ity, so you don’t need to man­u­ally fire it af­ter re­duc­ing its power set­ting, and the flash

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