Alpine Labs Michron

Ad­vanced time-lapse de­vice in a sim­ple, af­ford­able pack­age

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In­ter­val­ome­ters en­able you to shoot im­age se­quences over a set time, and are a fea­ture of many Nikon SLRs. As such, un­til now there has re­ally been no need for an ex­ter­nal in­ter­val­ome­ter. The Michron, how­ever, brings ad­di­tional in­ter­val­ome­ter fea­tures that are above and be­yond Nikon’s own, such as in­ter­val ramp­ing (which ad­justs the in­ter­val be­tween shots at ei­ther end of the se­quence), and ex­po­sure ramp­ing (which does the same for ex­po­sure). There’s also a fea­ture for shoot­ing HDR images.

The Michron sits in the cam­era’s hot shoe and can be pro­grammed from any iOS or An­droid mo­bile de­vice that has the Michron app in­stalled. The cam­era is con­nected via a ca­ble, which is also re­quired for the pro­gram­ming, as that can’t be done wire­lessly, but the in­ter­face is sim­ple to use and gives you both man­ual and pre­set shoot­ing op­tions. For a seem­ingly sim­ple de­vice it packs in lots of fea­tures, which are sup­ported by an in­tu­itive app.

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