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Ge­orge Cairns ex­plains how to re­move colour casts us­ing Cap­ture NX-D

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Dis­cover how Nikon Cap­ture NX-D can help you al­ter your white bal­ance set­ting to re­move un­wanted colour casts

If two pho­tog­ra­phers shoot the same scene at the same time with iden­ti­cal cam­eras, the colours in the re­sult­ing pho­tos can

look quite dif­fer­ent. One cam­era’s shots might fea­ture a cool, blue colour cast, while the other cam­era could cap­ture warmer-look­ing colours. These dis­crep­an­cies in colour can oc­cur be­cause dif­fer­ent white bal­ance set­tings were used.

Your Nikon has a range of white bal­ance presets to help it deal with the dif­fer­ent colour tem­per­a­tures pro­duced by var­i­ous light sources. Day­light has an av­er­age colour tem­per­a­ture of 5000 de­grees K, for ex­am­ple, while light from an in­can­des­cent bulb has a lower colour tem­per­a­ture of around 3000K. Con­fus­ingly, lower-colour-tem­per­a­ture light sources pro­duce warmer colour casts, while higher tem­per­a­tures pro­duce colder ones. Your Nikon’s white bal­ance set­tings are de­signed to counter these tints and pro­duce ac­cu­rate colours.

White bal­ance presets

You cam­era’s Auto White Bal­ance (AWB) set­ting will an­a­lyse whites or greys in dif­fer­ent light­ing con­di­tions, and warm them up or cool them down as nec­es­sary. Some­times the AWB set­ting won’t suc­ceed, and you’ll end up with cold-look­ing land­scapes, or in­door por­traits in which skin tones ap­pear too or­ange. Choos­ing an in-cam­era white bal­ance pre­set can give bet­ter re­sults – select­ing Direct Sun­light, for ex­am­ple, tells the cam­era that the colour tem­per­a­ture of the am­bi­ent light is close to a cool 5500K, so it will warm up your shots ac­cord­ingly.

Choos­ing in-cam­era white bal­ance set­tings man­u­ally can be time­con­sum­ing, so you may pre­fer to stick to AWB. And as long as you shoot RAW, Cap­ture NX-D en­ables you to select a dif­fer­ent white bal­ance set­ting post-shoot, so you can ban­ish colour casts with ease.

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