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The right lens choice counts for noth­ing if your cam­era isn’t set up wi th the right Aut­o­Fo­cus set­tings.

Pro Mark Pain

Pro-file Chief sports pho­tog­ra­pher at the Mail on Sun­day, Mark was named Sports Pho­tog­ra­pher of the Year at the 2005 and 2011 Bri­tish Press Awards. A Nikon Am­bas­sador, he founded the UK’s first sports pho­tog­ra­phy school.

Most peo­ple are aware of the many dif­fer­ent pat­terns and num­bers of fo­cus points available to them in their cam­era, but very few ad­just the fo­cus track­ing, which can be just as cru­cial. The AF track­ing speed refers to how quickly the cam­era tries to re­fo­cus on a sub­ject if it sud­denly comes into frame. For in­stance, with rugby, tries are some­times scored be­tween the posts [above right]; if you had the track­ing set on the wrong speed and were behind the try-line, your cam­era would at­tempt to shift fo­cus from the player to the goal­post as he dived over the try-line to score. By slow­ing the track­ing down slightly the cam­era will de­lay how quickly it tries to re­fo­cus and would ig­nore the goal­post for longer, re­tain­ing fo­cus on the player. Each sport dif­fers so you have to ad­just your track­ing ac­cord­ingly.

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