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Dis­cover how to use Nikon Cap­ture NX-D to change the Pic­ture Con­trol set­ting on your RAW files, and change tones and con­trast with a sin­gle mouse-click

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You can spend lots of time tweak­ing a pho­to­graph’s colours and tones in Cap­ture NX-D, mak­ing the most of the tools in the Edit pal­ette.

How­ever, if you’d pre­fer to spend more time shoot­ing and less time pro­cess­ing pic­tures, it’s worth ex­per­i­ment­ing with the slid­ers and drop­down menus in the Pic­ture Con­trol pane. You can use the Pic­ture Con­trol pre­sets as a spring­board to ex­per­i­ment with your ad­just­ments, and then fine-tune their re­sults.

In cam­era

In your cam­era’s menu you’ll find var­i­ous Pic­ture Con­trol pre­sets, and th­ese en­able you to pro­duce dif­fer­ent looks even be­fore you im­port your pho­tos into your PC. For ex­am­ple, the Vivid Pic­ture Con­trol can cre­ate strongly sat­u­rated images that have been sharp­ened to cre­ate a print with more punch. The Land­scape Pic­ture Con­trol pre­set will pro­duce stronger blues and greens. If you use an ap­pro­pri­ate Pic­ture Con­trol set­ting on lo­ca­tion then you may not need to spend much time pro­cess­ing the im­age in Cap­ture NX-D.

If you shoot in JPEG then you’ll be forced to ac­cept the look pro­duced by the se­lected in-cam­era Pic­ture Con­trol set­ting. It will be harder to ad­just the colours, tones and sharp­ness of the shot later on in any soft­ware. How­ever, if you shoot in RAW then you can im­port the photo into Cap­ture NX-D and dis­cover which Pic­ture Con­trol set­ting was used in its cap­ture. (This only works in Cap­ture NX-D; other pro­grams, such as Light­room or Pho­to­shop, don’t recog­nise or ap­ply the Pic­ture Con­trols to RAW files.) You can then ex­per­i­ment with other Nikon Pic­ture Con­trol pre­sets in a few clicks, and once you’ve found a look that you pre­fer you can fine-tune it with ease. Ac­cess to post-pro­duc­tion Pic­ture Con­trols is a good rea­son to shoot in RAW and edit in Cap­ture NX-D.

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